Aviation Personnel Resourcing


With access to the world's largest database of flight crew personnel and our network of aviation engineers, technicians and executives, CAE Parc Aviation can provide you with the means to expertly manage your operations.

Flexibility & Cost Management

Our team of experts will find you the right people, allowing you to you to respond to market opportunities quickly. We can help you deal with scheduled and unscheduled demands such as the expansion or maintenance of an existing fleet, new aircraft types or seasonal adjustments. CAE Parc Aviation can help you to fully manage personnel costs and access highly qualified and experienced professionals at short-notice.

Expertise Delivered

We can resource and fully support the following personnel worldwide to the tightest deadline. We also provide a network of global payroll operations and can help you to structure your incentive packages in order to maximize efficiency.

Flight Crew Pilots and Instructors

Captains, First Officers, Ferry Pilots and Crew, Observer Pilots, Line Training Captains, Simulator Flight Instructors (SFIs), Type Rating Instructors (TRIs), Type Rating Examiners (TREs).

Aircraft Engineers & Technicians

Licensed Engineers: Part-66 B1 & B2, ICAO Type II or FAA A&P, Technical Representatives (Tech Reps), Designated Airworthiness Representativess (DARs), Records Personnel (Tech Recs), Airframe Mechanics, Avionics Technicians, Engine Mechanics, Aircraft Planners, Sheet Metal Workers and Painters, CAMO experts and EASA Part 21 Designers.

Aviation Executives

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Flight Operations, Director Technical, Chief Pilot, Line Maintenance Managers/ Supervisors, Directors, Post-holder positions.

As part of CAE, CAE Parc Aviation also provides bundled services to clients, inclusive of aptitude testing, technical assessments and simulator screening along with conversion courses and type rating courses.