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Trusted for over 40 years, CAE Parc Aviation is the global leader in the provision of aviation personnel and support services. We expertly match the skills and talents of aviation personnel worldwide with the specialised demands of a fast growing aviation industry.

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Airline pilots in cockpit. Recruited through CAE Parc Aviation

Aviation Jobs

Want a rewarding and challenging career in aviation? Looking to expand your horizons? CAE Parc Aviation has the widest variety of exciting jobs for aviation personnel. We are the leading provider of pilots, technicians and aviation professionals to airlines, MRO’s, OEMs and the leasing community with over 150 clients worldwide. Check out our job opportunities in Flight Crew, Technical Support and Executive roles.

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Aircraft Technical Support

Get access to our highly skilled and experienced aviation technicians and engineers. From Technical Representatives, DARs and Records Personnel to CAMO, Borescope and Part 21 Design services, we provide a full suite of aviation maintenance and support solutions.

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