As we celebrate 40 years in the aviation business, we asked some of our pilots for their feedback on how we're doing.

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“I would like to say thank you for all your help and support during my stay with you in Parc for the last 12 month. This is my first airline and for me, and I guess for all the 12 others that started last November, this has been a journey for life with a lot of new experiences and challenges. All of you in Parc have helped us a lot during the last 12 month and I would like to say thank you once again to you and all your colleagues at the office.”

“My time with CAE Parc Aviation was great. To work with such a well experienced group of people was a pleasure. The support and backup from the office in Dublin was amazing and all of you where there day and night to help us pilots. I hope that I will be able to work with CAE Parc Aviation again.”

-          Mikkel Fuglsang Hesel

“Congratulations to the whole PARC Aviation team on their 40th Anniversary! 

Even before having been contracted through PARC Aviation myself, colleagues have always praised PARC in relation to their professionalism, dedication, and support for their flight crew. Having recently commenced my first assignment through PARC Aviation, I can only speak highly of my overall experience as well as the staff involved from the first phone call right through. 

PARC Aviation’s global network of airline customers has been very helpful in finding the most suitable contract, whilst their understanding of the airline’s requirements and screening processes has supported me greatly in making the application process an enjoyable experience.

Having commenced my assignment, not only PARC Aviation’s head office in Dublin is being fantastic in managing all my administrative requirements, their local field office has been extraordinary in providing us with the support in country. This personal approach is what really sets PARC Aviation apart from other contract agencies and I am extremely happy having chosen PARC Aviation for this contract.”

-          Pablo Mueller

First of all I would like to congratulate everyone working in Parc Aviation with your 40th anniversary.

For my first airliner job, Parc Aviation were my employer and it has been a great experience. I was meet with a very professional and nice attitude, thank to especially Clodagh and Senan. Even though it only lasted 1.5 years, do to some changes in the company that I am flying for, I still look back on Parc Aviation as a company that took me seriously and even though I had a lot of questions and send a lot of mails, you always came back to me with a straight answer and you could feel a smile behind the mail. I want to thank you, for letting me be a part of Parc Aviation and I wish you all the best in the future. 

-        Thomas Larsen


"It was only when Parc asked if I would contribute to their anniversary celebration, that I realized that I've been working with them, on and off, for the past 20 years.

I started by doing some short contracts in aircraft maintenance, always finding them very good at getting us jobs and always very professional and prompt with payments.

I then found myself doing some ferry flights for them about 10 years later, this time working as a pilot.It was interesting to see the same team still working there, but having moved around and moved up in the business.

5 years later, I'm again working with them, this time starting a 5 year contract in Asia. I'm now about to renew that contract and intend to remain with them for a further 5 years, maybe more! I've enjoyed working with Parc, they've always been very professional, very helpful, very aware of their clients' requirements and thus always able to steer us, the contractors, in the right direction. And at the same time, there's still the small team of dedicated professionals that we can contact directly, by email or phone, and get an immediate answer to any issues we may have. I'm very pleased to congratulate Parc on their 40th anniversary, and very proud to have worked with them.

-            Matt Fitzpatrick

"My experience with PARC started in 2006 when I applied for a contract in Japan.

Unfortunately and even after successfully going through the screening process, that contract did not materialize, as the airline change its plans, but it marked the beginning of a long, successful  and still going relationship with PARC.

Thorough these years I have been in three contracts in two different countries. There have been of course, some bumps in the road, but this is exactly where PARC excels, as I have always counted with their unwavering support to solve these issues. I have personally experience the difference between PARC and its competitors and I truly believe they are the absolute best in what they do.

Congratulations on 40 successful years PARC. I sincerely hope the future ahead is even brighter than the past.

-          Gustavo Bernal

My name is Anthony Choo-Yick Jr. I am a pilot for CAE Parc Aviation. After I submitted my application for employment, I received an offer to interview with Air Japan. I was supported by their staff with the required study materials and a briefing about the interview process. I joined Air Japan in 2009 and I am currently on my second contract. I have always received great support on all areas of concern. CAE Parc Aviation has always responded quickly to my correspondence and has been very helpful to find solutions. In 2014, I was injured. I received overwhelming support, from filling out the medical paperwork, coordinating with Air Japan and contacting me on a regular basis to check on my progress. Their full support during a very difficult time made the process of returning to work an easy transition.

-          Anthony Choo-Yick Jr. Captain B767

Prior to joining Parc I was working for a regional in the UK which was making redundancies. I was looking for alternative employment and Parc held an open day in Hotel near our airport. I went along out of interest and there was a job I really liked the sound of in the Far East.

From the moment I expressed my interest the representatives at Parc were outstanding. Really helpful and supportive at every stage of the application. There was an initial screening in Gatwick and much to my surprise one of their representatives had flown over from Ireland to offer some very sound advice and make sure I had no problems during the assessment.

When I flew to Japan for the screening I was again amazed at the level of support. Hotels were taken care of, flights were booked for me and paid for and upon arrival I was greeted by another on the ground representative who took care of me for the duration. This was an immense help and stress reliever, i didn't have to worry about logistics or transport to and from hotels and assessments which allowed me to focus on the Interview. I was thankfully successful and that success is in no small part due the support i received from Parc.

That support doesn't stop when you are a contractor either. I have local support if i need it all the time in Japan and of course the staff at Parc HQ are always there and happy to help with anything I need. 

Contractually I couldn't be happier with their services, good Loss of License and medical for myself and I have extended that to my wife.

Never any problems with expenses or pay. A great experience for a change in this industry, long may it last.

-          Liam Feltham

"I have secured a long term contract through CAE Parc Aviation last year. This contract has given me the opportunity to make life style choices that would not be possible with many other employers. CAE Parc offered me long-term financial security and the professional challenge that I needed. Before securing the contract, CAE Parc could assist me in identifying the needs of their client and this helped me in understanding my suitability for this the job now in hand. I look forward to a long-term relation with CAE Parc and I genuinely feel that this is mutual."

-       Barry Eman, First Officer Boeing 767

After over 10 years of flying here and there for different airlines and agencies due to different bankruptcy or short contract, it has been very refreshing and heart-warming to deal with "CAE Parc Aviation” for their professionalism!

In a world where we are not home much sometimes, we would like to rely on someone at the end of the month and I must say I have never been disappointed since they are well experienced and now what you are going through!

They have the gears, the tools and most important the people to look after us since day one!”

-       Jean Philippe Raoul Salvador

Credit due PARC have been outstanding throughout my contract quick to respond to queries, supportive at all times with payment always made on time. Thanks for your help, you and the PARC team have been outstanding so far, it really is a breath of fresh air.”

-          Andy Jenkins

“After taking the decision of leaving my latest company, I decided to check on the internet what the market had to offer. I came across an interesting job offer from CAE Parc Aviation, and decide to send my application. From day 1 everything was nice and smooth, all the details regarding terms and conditions as well as different questions that I had, were clarified in very short time, the team at CAE Parc Aviation was extremely helpful and always at the other end of the phone!

After arranging a date for my interview and Simulator check, the day of the assessment came. A CAE Parc Aviation member was there to welcome me, answer some last minute questions I could had and wished me luck!

Thankfully everything went good and today I’m very happy with my new employer! CAE Parc still kept a very good track onwards. On my first day, a member of the staff was also there to give a warm welcome to me and the pilot group.

I felt very comfortable during the stressful process of changing jobs, with everything that it involves, CAE Parc and its staff members made it smother!"

-          Sergio Toribio

“I have spent two years under contract with CAE Parc Aviation from 2013 to 2015.

It has been an everyday smooth operation with helpful people always ready to listen and doing their best to make your life easy.

Should the opportunity to work again with CAE Parc show up again, I would not hesitate a single second.”

-          Laurent Fourre

“I would like to add that I found the staff I was involved with at Parc aviation to be very helpful and sincere. I would like to thank you for my time with Parc aviation and the great service”

-          Olav Kristian Tveitan

"I've been working for Parc Aviation for more than one year and the experience has been excellent. There are always present to meet my demands and to satisfy my requests. Parc Aviation is a reliable and trustworthy company to back you up when you most need it. The staff has always treated me with respect and professionalism, they are a truly professional team and always been there when needed. I can recommend Parc Aviation to any pilot looking for a wonderful experience and career."

-          Marco Boni, Captain (737-800)

"When Parc asked me to write a testimonial, I off course wanted to assist, they have helped me greatly with finding my dream job with Air Japan. From the point of applying, and up till now while undergoing training in Japan, I feel there is always a team ready that will support me in every way they can. In the initial stages of applying there was always plenty of information available, and when I had a question I always got a straight, and honest answer. Even at the time when I wanted to get some extra last minute simulator prep, they helped me greatly with finding an instructor and an available simulator. During my assessment in Tokyo, a Parc representative guided me throughout the whole process, she made me feel at ease, allowing me to focus on passing the selection. When in Japan one immediately notices how efficient and professional this airline is, and with that in mind I know that the airline would only work with agencies that are at the same level of professionalism. At this stage I am undergoing the license conversion training, and for the first time I experience how working for Air Japan really is, and its a great feeling, because although we are contractors, we are in fact treated as employees, and that makes me feel as if I’m part of the same team.”

I wish Parc Aviation a very happy 40th Anniversary and thanks for contracting me for this great Airline.

Special thanks to: Fiona, Sarah, Gerard and Rie for the great support.

-          Robert Schoutrop

"Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for all the hard work and support you and your colleagues have given me. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all well in the future"

-          Claire Durston

“This is the first time in my career that I have worked for an agency, and it has been a very positive experience - everyone at Parc has been prompt, professional and approachable at all times.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last two years of my employment with Parc. Hopefully we can renew our working relationship sometime in the future!”

-          Lynne Edmonds

"I had the pleasure to work with CAE Parc Aviation as a Boeing 737 Captain based in Europe. During the time I had my contract with Parc the staff was always very nice and available to answer my queries and to help with all kinds of concerns. The company is managed very professionally but still focus on individuals requirements, therefore offering a high standard of service" 

-          Gustavo Zanettini

“I worked for Parc Aviation for a year being a contract pilot in Norwegian. I really enjoyed the relationship we built together with Parc. I unfortunately had an accident during this period of work. Parc responded in the best way giving me all the support and help I needed during my time off sick. I also really did appreciate the way Senan Haugh came to Oslo to meet us and welcome me into my new career opportunity with Norwegian. Thanks Parc Aviation and Happy anniversary.”

-          Pierre-Etienne Dornès

“Congratulations to 40 years of providing quality service on a professional level - Well done! My first experience with Parc was as a now called TRI on the Fokker 100 simulator as well as a technical systems instructor. Fokker aircraft ended up in administration, and Parc provided seamless continuation of the daily operation finishing up and Type rating courses promised to customers. Later, (much later) I had the pleasure of working with CAE Park flying as a Boeing 737-800 Captain under contract, still after all those years, the same professional attitude that makes CAE Parc a pleasure to work for.”

-          Ronald Snoeij

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