Human Resources Solutions

Our team of recruiters in CAE Parc Aviation provide an efficient service to deliver a successful recruitment solution and ensure that proposed candidates have the required skills and fit for any role.

An experienced pilot travelling to his next assignment

Recruitment Campaigns & Direct Placement

We specialise in planning and managing tailored recruitment campaigns to meet the individual needs of aviation organisations. If contracting is not a suitable option, CAE Parc Aviation also has the ability and expertise to directly place individuals with aviation organisations worldwide.

Human Resources & Payroll Services

Our in-house compliance team provides expertise on the most appropriate compliant and cost effective structures to manage aviation personnel. We provide payroll services worldwide and advise on the most up-to-date labour law, taxation and migration regulations. This service may be outsourced or provided as part of our personnel provision.

What CAE Parc Aviation Can Do for You

  • Quickly source hard to find, reliable and skilled aviation talent worldwide at cost effective rates
  • Enhance your flexibility through outsourced personnel and contracting services
  • Rapidly expand and reconfigure operations and skilled staff numbers
  • Manage and reduce personnel costs, payroll and administrative duties for large and small projects
  • Provide global payroll facilities and expertise in cross-border personnel management
  • Enhance safety and efficiency for all operations with expert personnel and services
  • Provide one solution for aviation personnel and support, when you need it and only when you need it

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