Flight Solutions & Support Services

We are the experts in the provision of bespoke flight solutions and fully managed logistical support globally to:  

  • Aircraft Lessors
  • Airlines
  • Financial Institutions
  • OEMs
  • Operators

Specialising in:

  • Ferry Flights and Aircraft Delivery Flights
  • Demonstration and Technical Acceptance Flights
  • Post-maintenance Check Flights
  • Demonstration Flight Observations
  • Aviation Support Solutions

Operating 24/7 to serve the global aviation industry

T: +353 1 816 1770      E: ferry@cae.com

Rachel Ewen

Manager - Flight Solutions & Support Services

CAE Parc Aviation ferrying aircraft with care around the world

Tailored Solutions 

Our dedicated and experienced team understand the importance of your requirements and we will tailor your service solution to meet the customer’s individual needs. Services provided include the following:  

  • Highly qualified, experienced and approved cockpit crew on multiple aircraft types
  • Cost-effective crew positioning and accommodation (we contract the services of multiple international travel providers)
  • Cost-efficient fuel purchase and provision (we contract the services of multiple international fuel providers) 
  • Full Trip Planning Services
  • Flight planning
  • Flight Monitoring and Actual Flight Progress Reporting
  • Departure / Arrival clearances
  • Over – fly permissions
  • Visa and security clearance support
  • Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Compliance Service for all relevant operations
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) Approval
  • Ground Handling support
  • Provision of Trip – kits
  • Navigation Database Updates Provision
  • MEL Approval in conjunction with CAE Parc Aviation CAMO

Operational Registries

  • EASA
  • Bermuda
  • Isle of Man
  • Guernsey / Channel Islands (2REG)
  • FAA

CAE Parc Aviation Flight Solutions and Support Services can potentially operate under any aircraft registry worldwide with appropriate crew validations. Please contact us to explore your options.

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