Aircraft Transition & Leasing Support

Our support services can assist with any aspect of the leasing process, from moving an aircraft and carrying out an inspection, to project management and the on-site provision of personnel. CAE Parc Aviation has the global capability and quality personnel for the following:

Caroline Moore

Key Account Manager

Jet engine
  • Aircraft delivery
  • Pre-purchase and mid-lease inspections
  • Lease compliance reviews
  • Aircraft and engine records review and management
  • Technical audit assessments
  • Airworthiness management (CAMO)
  • IAA SP1A accepted technical organisation
  • Design engineering services – Part 21 DOA
  • Design materials sourcing and management (Part 21)
  • Importation of aircraft into EASA member states
  • Quality assurance inspections (DARs)
  • Borescope inspections
  • Aircraft end of life support service
  • Fully managed Ferry Flights

aircraft maintenance

Customised Service


CAE Parc Aviation has an assembled pool of fully screened and experienced technical representatives worldwide.

Our clients can combine our expert personnel with our aircraft support services.

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