Celebrating 40 Years! Thank you for your support!

As we enter our 40th year, we take a look at the industry leading innovations that have helped make us the global leader in aviation personnel and aircraft support.

We pioneered the pilot leasing business in 1975 to serve the ever changing needs of airlines and professional flight crews.

In 1975, the year CAE Parc Aviation was established there were approximately 5000 aircraft on the global register. In 2015 that number will exceed 25,000.

We have stayed ahead for 40 years by constantly adapting to the global changes in the aviation industry and evolving our services. It's been nearly as much fun as flying!

Best in Compliance & Payroll

Within the ever changing and highly regulated EU region, CAE Parc Aviation has professional flight crews and technical contractors on compliantly structured assignments across Europe.

We have payroll functions in 12 member states with Italy being the newest addition. No other aviation personnel leasing company can provide this level of service.

CAE Parc Aviaition app on iPhone

Check Out our New Job App

Our new Job App allows pilots and aviation personnel to easily find their perfect job anytime, anywhere in the world.

Map of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

New Office in Ho Chi Minh

With the success of our overseas offices already established in Japan, China and Singapore and with pilot and aircraft numbers steadily expanding within Asia, we are pleased and excited to announce that CAE Parc Aviation will open an office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam this coming April.


CAE Aviation Training

Want to get a new type rating or require a proficiency check? CAE provides type ratings, instructor training, licence skills tests and more. Mention CAE Parc Aviation for the best rates.

Please contact erin.vanlonden@cae.com for more information.

Airline pilots in cockpit. Recruited through CAE Parc Aviation

Recruitment of Trained Cadets Continues to Grow

Placement of trained cadets from CAE programmes is a success with pilots and airlines. These programmes reduce airlines' costs and present rewarding opportunities for a new generation of qualified pilots. Popularity is growing with our leading client airlines.

Graph of future progress

Our Plans for the Future

We're continuing to hire new recruiters and engineers to maximise our service. Our expert team of recruiters, payroll, compliance and technical personnel have over 600 years combined aviation experience. That's a lot of flying hours!
Did you know that many of our staff are current, former or trainee pilots?

Airline pilots in cockpit. Recruited through CAE Parc Aviation

New Technical Services

We support airlines and aircraft leasing companies with our growing range of engineering and technical services. Our current range of services includes but is not limited to Ferry Flights, In-house EASA certified CAMO, Part 21 Design and Part 145 Borescope Engine Inspections.

You Don't Stay the Best by Staying the Same!

Please contact us with any questions (Flight Crew) parcflightcrew@cae.com or (Technical Services) parctss@cae.com

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