Remote Aircraft Records Review Services

Records Central Services

CAE’s Records Central Services team have detailed experience in aircraft records and transition events, working across all aircraft and engine types.

Our specialised remote records service delivers clients a cost effective, diligent review and provides a detailed Open Item List on a bespoke digital platform (CAE PARAMS – Parc Aviation Records Analysis Management System) This program allows real-time review and closure of records discrepancies integrating or connecting all project stakeholders.

Structures Support Group

We have a specialised team who will accomplish remote review of Repair Files and associated DFPs. This would be supplied via our online platform PARAMS.

The team can also provide the following service globally:

  • Physical inspection – midterm and end of lease evaluation.
  • Onsite support through-out the lease transition.
  • AOG engineering guidance following structural damage.
  • Development of amended/revised Damage Chart and Repair Files.
  • Helpdesk assistance.

This service empowers you with an overview of the status of your assets' technical records discrepancies, allowing you to make the correct decision prior to transition with minimal expense.